(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 

$140 per session

In-person or teletherapy (video)

*To ensure everyone's safety in the pandemic,

we are currently only conducting EMDR for

teletherapy services until further notice.

EMDR uses bilateral brain stimulation through eye movement, tactile sensation, or audio sensory networks, to help reprocess trauma, challenging experiences, and difficult emotions.  This stimulation activates both the emotional and reasoning parts of the brain to remove healing blocks, reduce emotional triggering, and then associate positive thought patterns with the emotionally charged memories. 


EMDR can address:




Stress reduction

Disturbing memories

 Attachment/intimacy difficulties

Body dysmorphia 

Sexual and physical abuse

Self-esteem/ self-worth difficulties

Post-traumatic stress/ PTSD 

Other complex traumas