My Psychotherapy Approach

I am an integrative therapist, meaning: I integrate various psychological theories and healing approaches including spirituality to effectively promote and assist others with healing and personal growth.


Here are the theories and techniques are used regularly in my work with others.

Existential Therapy

A very positive approach that recognizes the meaning in everything, from our deepest traumas to our wildest dreams. We will work to explore your desire to live more purposefully and with intention rather than mindlessly moving through your day-to-day responsibilities. Working with the power of intention can be very empowering!

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

1. Identifying what is most important to you in life , clarifying your values.

2. Identifying what is beyond your control and learning to accept it.

3. Committing to living the life you truly want and taking the ACTion steps to do so.

Yoga Therapy

Scientifically proven to decrease stress and relieve depression and anxiety. We will use yoga postures and yoga philosophy to help you tap into the parts of yourself that can help you heal. It gets deep on the mat!

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (short-term)

For the highly motivated individual. In 12-16 sessions we will address alleviating specific symptoms or discomforts. We will learn coping strategies, find resources & tools to help you feel prepared to manage in a way that serves you.

The Gottman Method

An approach to couples' therapy using 7 principles that have been proven through research to yield results of greater connectivity and understanding in relationships. This is achieved through a variety of assessment activities and individual introspective processes. Other focuses: communication, empathy, collaboration, intimacy.

Attachment Theory

 Together, we will bring to your awareness how your relationships with your earliest caregiver(s) and other significant relationships, influence how you relate to others and how you view yourself. With this awareness, you can make highly informed decisions about the ways in which you interact or choose not to interact with others.

Attachment theory is very insightful as we look into intimate adult relationships. 

Other healing modalities used


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