Nanyonjo Mukungu

                     Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # 120287

My framework as a psychotherapist is inspired by black feminist sci-fi writer, Octavia E. Butler who saw the possibility of many more worlds than just our own. I believe that transformative internal healing is critical to envisioning and building these worlds without the presence of imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism and cishet-patriarchy. The tools I use to support the exploration of individual, interpersonal and intergenerational trauma are shaped by abolition that rejects






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punitive and scarcity mindsets and disability justice which strives to value every body. Additionally, my philosophy as a healer centers the mind-body-spirit connection especially the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of systemic injustice in lived experiences of marginalized communities. Specifically, I offer the use of techniques like Hakomi, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), attachment theory, creative expressions like art and music, developing mindfulness skills like breathwork and somatic awareness and astrology informed tarot and oracle readings. Ultimately, I hope to collaboratively deepen your understanding of self and your relationships with others.

Areas of Focus

People of Color

Racial Issues



Transition Aged Youth (TAY)