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Truc Nguyen (he/she/they/them)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #106005

Registered Drama Therapist 

I am excited to be part of the Connection Clinic Clinical team, whose mission aligns with my own values of providing mental health and wellness services through culturally responsive, emotionally attuned, and experiential practices. As a psychotherapist, my framework for healing work includes using a lens of how systems of oppression, communities, and family systems contribute to our individual ability to access mental wellness practices and beliefs.

About me

I am a Registered Drama Therapist and have an additional certification in Developmental Transformations (HOME | dvt40) an embodied practice of Drama Therapy similar to play therapy, that privileges embodied interactions, creativity, and co-creating mutual spaces in the therapeutic space. I believe in the human capacity for transformation and see psychotherapy as a tool for liberation.

My clinical background spans over 10+ years of experience working in multiple clinical settings including hospitals, community-based mental health clinics with children and families, the foster care system, and public schools (K-12).

I use a variety of approaches including but not limited to Drama therapy, other expressive arts approaches, mindfulness practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other projective tools (puppets, dreamwork, and body mapping) in support of the diverse ways people express themselves and process.

Life truly is a journey that has led me to find passion in change work, be it as an activist, artist, actor, stand-up comedian, or as a rebel with a cause. As a therapist, I believe in the power of choice regardless of what circumstances life throws our way that may block our sense of self-empowerment. My hope is to support clients' realization and help build the capacity to engage in the pursuit of their dreams or slay their nightmares through the power of re-imagining, creativity, and resiliency building. I look forward to meeting you in this "playspace" we call therapy, to support your development into becoming who you wish to be in this world!

I work with Young Children ( 2-10 yo), Adolescents (10-19 yo), Transition aged Youth (18-21yo), Adults and Families. 


Areas of Focus

Trauma & PTSD
LGBTQ+ issues
Race-based Stress & Issues
Generational Trauma
Depression, Isolation
Entertainment business issues (related to actors, comics, etc)
Life Transitions


Contact me to schedule a consultation. 

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