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The Connection Clinic provides personal and professional wellness supports to help individuals explore, grow and develop professionally. TCC Development programs focus on growth in the fields of human service, mental health, and wellness.

Erika Liu-Culpin and Dr. Nicole Taylor

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Supervision offers the opportunity for associate therapists to receive clinical guidance and leadership from an experienced clinician holding the same license that the supervisee is working towards. 

Consultation allows licensed clinicians to collaborate, while giving and receiving support related to professional duties and work with clients.  

Yoga-Psychotherapy Training

The Connection Clinic Yoga-psychotherapy program is well suited for clinical psychotherapists interested in learning how to integrate yoga into the psychotherapeutic process. The yoga-psychotherapy training program provides step-by-step protocols for incorporating trauma-informed, somatic movement, mindfulness, yogic philosophy, and breathwork into traditional therapy. 

Consulting & 
Program Development

TCC offers a "working towards private practice" track which supports clinicians with learning the skills need to operate independently and can help provide direction with starting an independent business or clinically focused private practice. This includes creating a  milestone map to help plan your eventual transition to private practice. 

Program consulting and development services support the creation, revisioning, and improvement of service programs including a focus on program evaluation, grant writing, budgets, and systemic administrative training. 

Professional Development Programs


Contact Dr. Nicole Taylor for inquiries on training programs and field consulting. 

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