Services & Programs

The Connection Clinic offers both Direct services and Professional Development Programs designed to increase the confidence, skills, and abilities needed to successfully implement mental health and wellness interventions and run wellness programming.  

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Individual Therapy  $150* and up
50 minutes


Meet one-on-one to alleviate negative symptoms and thoughts that you may have.


Get to know yourself better,

set goals & boundaries, or problem-solve for a situation that is challenging you to your edge.


Examine previous trauma & learn strategies to cope.

Explore ways to positively manage your emotions while learning more

about who you are & how to live the life you desire.

Couple Meditating

Family/Couples Therapy & Support  $175*
60 minutes

Learn and PRACTICE communication strategies, ways to problem solve and meet each other's needs with empathy and understanding while staying true to yourself and your values. 


Explore how your attachment needs, love language, relationship goals, and individual dreams affect the satisfaction and functioning of your relationships.

Couples therapy is not a guarantee of relationship satisfaction or happiness. . The risks and benefits of couple's therapy can be discussed

at your consultation. 

Working from Cafe

Coaching  $100* and up

Coaching is a process of guidance where a coach with specific experience and expertise in an area supports an individual with reaching a certain milestone or goal, by teaching skills, increasing awareness, and providing supportive alliance throughout the process.


TCC offers emotion coaching, mindfulness and meditation coaching, professional coaching, and more.

*  Rates can vary depending on appointment length, advanced practitioner modality, sliding scale availability, and package appointment options. 

Professional Development Programs

The Connection Clinic provides personal and professional wellness supports to help individuals explore, grow and develop professionally. TCC Development programs focus on growth in the fields of human service, mental health, and wellness.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Supervision offers the opportunity for associate therapists to receive clinical guidance and leadership from an experienced clinician holding the same license that the supervisee is working towards. 

Consultation allows licensed clinicians to collaborate, while giving and receiving support related to professional duties and work with clients.  

Yoga-Psychotherapy Training

The Connection Clinic Yoga-psychotherapy program is well suited for clinical psychotherapists interested in learning how to integrate yoga into the psychotherapeutic process. The yoga-psychotherapy training program provides step-by-step protocols for incorporating somatic movement, mindfulness, yogic philosophy, and breathwork into traditional therapy. 

Consulting & 
Program Development

TCC offers a "working towards private practice" track which supports clinicians with learning the skills need to operate independently. This includes creating a  milestone map to help plan your eventual transition to private  practice. 


Private Practice consulting can help relieve the challenges, fears, and unknown territories of starting an independent business or clinically focused private practice.

Program consulting and development services support the creation, revisioning, and improvement of service programs including a focus on program evaluation, grant writing, budgets, and systemic administrative training.