The Connection Clinic

Psychotherapy & Yoga
  • One on one sessions

  • In-person or video

  • EMDR sessions

  • Yoga sessions

Families & Couples
  • Empathy & Understanding

  • Conflict resolution

  • Exploring separation

  • Yoga available

  • Ages 13-18

  • Self-exploration & expression

  • Coping skills

  • Strength based

  • K-12

  • Social-emotional focus

  • Family advocacy understanding

  • Sessions at school site

Why Connection?

Human beings are innately wired for connection.

Almost all of our decisions and thoughts are fueled by the desire to connect with our loved ones, with our thoughts, and largely with the world around us.

At times, the connection can come easy,

and at other times it can be quite difficult,

sometimes life-altering or debilitating. 


The Connection Clinic helps individuals, couples, families,

and communities use tools of connection to help cope

with a variety of challenges, like the everyday difficulties

of life, navigating trauma, or exploring personal

growth and development. 


Are you ready to learn to respond to stressors and sit with strong emotions, instead of avoiding them?  Learn a new way of thinking? Reparent your inner child? Deepen your sense of spirituality? Cultivate more meaningful relationships?


If you answered yes,

choose a therapist to begin working with. 

Therapeutic Philosophy
  1. Cultivate safety so you can experience your emotions deeply

  2. Guide you through a reflective process aimed at creating change

  3. Help you connect to your values, other people & deeply with yourself

  4. Provide strategies to navigate challenging thoughts and situations

  5. Encourage committed action in support of your values

  6. Challenge your thinking and offer a different perspective

  7. Culturally Affirming Practice & compassion

  8. Transparency and Collaboration

Getting Help

This journey takes both vulnerability and courage, but will help you live more aligned with the life you desire and deserve. 

The Connection Clinic can provide referrals for other services upon request. 



Personal Growth




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All things exist in duality; positive and negative, good and bad. As we automatically focus on one, we can intentionally focus on the other. Neither needs to dismiss its counterpart or invalidate its experience. Both can coexist, and we can choose to lean into that which best serves us.
'Sthira Sukham Asanam'

Nicole Taylor, LMFT

on Mindful Acceptance