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Kamaria Wells (she/her/ella)

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #133838

Provisional Art Therapist

Art therapy is my calling. I intuitively learned how to hold a safe space years before I knew that I would become a psychotherapist. As a teacher’s assistant, a school secretary, employment specialist, community health and political organizer, and legal assistant, I learned how critical emotional wellness is to maintain a balanced healthy life. I would often speak with those I was working with about personal matters impacting their lives, constantly being an ear for those who allowed me to appreciate the sacredness of creating and maintaining a safe space for solace.

Working with me

I learned about the therapeutic aspects of art from a personal process after my curiosity was piqued by a friend and artist. After a couple of years of creating for my healing and growth, I was inspired to find a career that could integrate my natural ability to hold space and utilize art for processing and externalizing. As I earned prerequisites for school, I was the lead art instructor at a day treatment program for adults with disabilities. I learned tremendously about non-verbal communication and the importance of understanding how to modify activities to make them approachable for those with extremely limited or no verbal and/or physical abilities.  

As a member of a marginalized group, I was inspired to reject the mainstream oppressive narrative in my graduate research. I created a methodology for a unique group healing experience that has resulted in reprocessing and releasing destructive narratives that also decrease the symptomology of racial trauma.

Being strength-based and person-centered has been essential in every stage of my professional growth, especially in my practice as a therapist. I also incorporate narrative, intersectional, and womanist theories, all intertwined with solution-focused and accountability. I am a holistic therapist who recognizes nutrition, hydration, sleep, and fitness, as these elements of life also impact mental wellness. I will work with your inner child, and encourage playfulness, laughter, creativity, and time in nature. Clients have described feeling nurtured, empowered, and lighter after sessions with me.  If this resonates, please don’t hesitate to connect with me.


Areas of Focus

Art Psychotherapy

Mind-Body Connection

Families and Couples

Race, Culture, Identity, & Intersectionality

Racial Trauma

Holistic care


I look forward to learning and growing with you.

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