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Helping, Healing and Transforming

15 minute consultation


Not sure if I can help? 

Primarily done via phone, this is an opportunity to get a sense of what your needs are and how I might be able to meet them, whether I am a good fit for what you are looking for and to discuss the ways in which we will work together. This is always my first step in starting the therapeutic process. 


Individual Therapy

$120/ session

In person or teletherapy (video)

Meet with me one-on-one to alleviate negative symptoms and thoughts that you may have. Get to know yourself better, set goals and boundaries and perhaps problem solve for a situation that is challenging you to your edge. Explore ways to positively manage your emotions while learning more about who you are and how to live the life you desire.

Multiperson  Therapy

$145/ session

Talk therapy with your significant other, family members, friends or those you must work with. Learning to communicate, problem solve and meet eachother's need with empathy and understanding while staying true to yourself and your values. Perfect for anyone who has challenges in a personal relationship.

Yoga - Psychotherapy

$135/ session

Combining the principles and movements of Yoga with the philosophies and techniques of psychotherapy, we will take whatever is bothering you to the mat. Relieving stress, bringing your thoughts and feelings into your awarenes and gaining new persepctives while pushing limits and setting boundaries for yourself.  This is an exciting way to explore the mind and body.

This approach is facilitated in a space of your choosing. 

Introspective Yoga

$25/ per person, per session

Sometimes called Therapeutic Yoga.  We will work through yoga poses that wont just ignite the fire in your body, but also in your mind. Guided movements that encourage personal reflection are used to improve your daily functioning and address whatever you may need that day.

Customized for individuals or small groups

School Based Mental Health

$120/ per session

Working with your child's school district, administrative staff and on site educators to assess and provide mental health support and resources. I help families advocate for student needs and services. I meet with students on school campuses to provide therapeutic sessions and connect with school support teams to help your child get the best possible support in order to access their education successfully.


Contact me to learn more about this service and to assess your child's needs. 

**$5 session toll fee waiver, If you need to cross San Francisco toll bridges (San Mateo 92, Dumbarton 84, or Bay Bridge 80)**


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