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Andrew Hudson, ACSW

Associate Clinical Social Worker # 97209

My goal as a therapist is to provide a space where you are seen, heard, validated, as well as challenged in a way that is helpful for you. My hope is to lead you closer to your goals and to support you with building or rebuilding the life you want to live. I appreciate the richness of life that comes from connecting with diverse people, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

About Me

I attended The University of Washington as a student athlete where I studied Sociology, American Ethnic studies, and minored in diversity. I obtained my Masters in Social Work from Eastern Washington University. In my personal and professional experiences, I continue to develop and refine my abilities to pursue my passion in helping others develop and live out their’s.

My approach to therapy is inspired by my training and experience as a DBT therapist. Validation is at the core of everything that supports and shapes healthy connections. It is from this place that I believe we can move into other areas of work and seek change once there is deeper understanding at the heart level and acceptance of what is. From there we work together to explore and decide what solutions to work on to solve problems that get in the way of your goals. I may explore options such as mindfulness skills or practices, ways to regulate and cope with emotions that over (or underwhelm), or even practicing new ways of communication to get your needs met in various situations. Collaborative problem solving is key and we will develop, shape, and refine our work together with each session.

Areas of Focus

Men's Mental Health

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Grief & Loss


Consultations are free.

Let's connect and find a way together!

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