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Sound Bath Experience

Sound Healing, Gentle Movement, Relaxation & Mindfulness

Service Description

We will share about 45 minutes together. A sound bath is an audio-sensory physical experience in which sounds and their vibrations are melodically used to help calm and soothe the nervous system, fighting that fight-or-flight response that keeps us anxious, nervous, or on edge. When our fight or flight system is quieted, we are able to introspect, reflect and observe ourselves without our minds being pulled in any particular way. It is very useful in the practices of mindfulness and relaxation. Starting with a grounding practice and some light seated stretching to get the wiggles out. 7 singing bowls are played, each one representing a different chakra and mindful focus. I use Tibetan tingshas, cymbals, to open and close our session. Some sessions may include drums, handpans, crystal bowls, bells, gongs, and other sound-healing tools.

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