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This serviceis currently unavailable for online bookings.

Community Yoga with Dr. Cole

Group - Restorative / Therapeutic Yoga

Service Description

We will share an hour of time together. Restorative yoga focuses on calm, grounding, mindful energy. Blankets, Bolsters, Cushions, and Pillows are a significant components of restorative yoga, and no experience is necessary for the practice. Restorative yoga cultivates the space and energy for self-regulation and self-reflection. People with various disabilities, chronic illness, pain, and other physical limitations can practice restorative yoga comfprtablly. Therapeutic yoga may include gentle stretches and mindful movement, with a focus on observing your physical and emotional reactions to your process of movement. Many of these internal processes mirror the ways we interact with the world around us. Therapeutic yoga is a good tool for self reflection and a fitting complement to any mental health or wellness practices. Yoga with me includes mindful prompting, slow gentle movement and meditation, helping you connect with your body, body, and spirit. May include sound healing elements.

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